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Whether you're looking to add your very own backyard oasis, or just update it, We've got you covered.


Here is a  listing of the Installation services we offer.

  • Complete pool installation, start to finish

  • Pool equipment (Heaters, Pumps, Motors, Filters, Chlorinators, Ect.)

  • Pool accessories (Diving Board, Slide, Handrails, Ect)

  • Liners

  • Winter Safety Covers

  • Drilling of Winter Safety Cover Gromets for Concrete or Wood.


We offer repairs on all pool equipment including:

  • Heaters

  • Pumps/Replacement Motors

  • Liners

  • Filters (Earth/Sand)

  • Chlorine/Salt Chlorination Systems

  • Lighting

  • Auto Covers

  • Leaks

  • As well as all additional pool accessories such as diving boards, and slides



  • Opening and Closing of any Inground Pool

  • Weekly Cleaning, and Chemical Balancing

  • As Needed Cleanings, and Chemical Balancing

  • Acid Wash, and Inspection for Filters

  • Vacation Check

  • Backwashing, and Filter Cleaning

FREE in-store water testing, with suggestions on how to balance out your water

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