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"We are a 3rd-generation family-owned business.  Our grandfather started the company in 1972 and lived by the principle: Take care of the customer and you will always have work.   So, we honor him everyday by committing to that very same mentality.  Like many people in the company, I have worked on pools my entire life.  And as a family-owned business, it's amazing to see how customers that have been with us for so many years become (in a way) a part of the family, too."

- Kory Hoge 

Superior Pools has been a family owned, and operated business in North Hills since 1972. We specialize in Fort Wayne Elite, and Sterling In-ground Pools. Fort Wayne has recognized Superior Pools as one of their premier builders of the non-corrosive Elite Polymer Pool. We have been familiar with installing this pool since 1976. Superior Pools does not use sub-contractors, in the

installation of our pools, to ensure you

will deal with ONLY us from start to finish.

In addition, we always have, and will

continue to service what we sell.



Superior Pools offers FREE water testing, along with suggestions on how to balance out chemicals.
Feel free to stop in anytime!

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