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We have had the honor of working on thousands of pools over the years - including pools for Pittsburgh's top athletes like Marc-Andre Fleury.  When they write to us thanking us for the work we have done, it makes the rain days easier to get through.   

Jettie and I wanted to thank you all for the job well done with the pool liner you replaced on September 16th.  We thought that everyone who worked on the tear down and replacement was professional and thorough in their work.  We were pleased that there was very little prep work needed on the metal sheeting or the concrete.  With a bit of primer applied on the surface rust, it seemed to seal those spots up and the foam covered the metal walls entirely.  We were concerned about the corners on the liner and how they are curved away fromt he actual side/corner of the wall but after talking with Terry today, he indicated that this condition isn't a problem.  He explained that the radius of the corners in pools this age doesn't lend itself to having the corners "press" against the corners totally.  He felt that as the water level rose and temps heated up in the summer those corners would ease back in more snugly against the corners.  That's a relief!  Thanks for sending someone out so quickly last week to cut out the last return port so we can close our pool this weekend and thanks too for all your patience with all of our questions.  Superior Pools  is certainly our recommend list to any neighbors needing a liner replaced.  Thank you again.

Doug and Jettie

Pittsburgh, PA

Thanks for your outstanding design and service in installing our pool.  Your exposed aggregate concrete deck and finish work are outstanding.  Jan and I thank you and your sons for your excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail.  Your commitment to meeting out graduation date deadline was REALLY appreciated.  We would be glad to recommend Superior Pools to anyone.  Your name says it all.

Charlie and Jan

Pittsburgh, PA

My wife and I decided last summer that we would like to have an inground pool installed.  Since our knowledge about the swimming pool industry is next to nothing, we began calling around to several different places.  We decided on the company that was able to offer us the best initial price.  After all, a pool is just a pool - right? The sales person came to our home and we examined the contract together and later signed.  We'll admit the sales pitch really worked.  He explained the product and claimed the items they sell are strictly the best on the market.  When it came time for the pool installation to begin, things really weren't what we expected.  We had several issues we wanted to address with the sales person prior to the installation.  We made many attempts to contact without success.  Already at this point, we wondered if we had made the right decision.  Once the project was underway, we knew our decision to sign the contract was a mistake.  The level of service and customer satisfaction was on a steady decline.  Unfortunately, it was too late to turn back.  The pool was supposed to be closed and finished in the early spring.  It was then that we contacted Superior Pools for the concrete and learned a valuable a valuable lesson.  Superior Pools is by far "SUPERIOR" above all of the rest.  Your professionalism, promptness, and service was outstanding.  Although we had already contracted with another pool company for the installation of the pool, Terry and Ken went above and beyond any expectations we had hoped for.  The concrete work was excellent and we have already received many compliments on the quality of workmanship that was done.  Not only did the do a beautiful job on the concrete, Terry also showed up a couple of days later and began cleaning the pool, which should have been done by the other company.  Well, we must say we have been truly impressed by your incredible work ethic and quality of work.  You have earned our respect and now have a customer for life!  Thank you for a job well done. .

Chris and Tammy

Pittsburgh, PA

Superior Pools have been taking care of my pool for years.  They offer a great service and do a good job.

Marc Andre Fleury

Pittsburgh, PA

Don and I just want to thank you for the wonderful service you provided for us in the past but especially this past Spring.  The disaster which occurred with our pool required plenty of time and patience along with physical labor and your company's performance was excellent.  Since you have installed our pool, we have referred you over and over not only because of the wonderful end product but for the exceptional service you provide. 

Don and Andi

Pittsburgh, PA

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